Welcome to the Co-living Community

An Opportunity Like No Other

If you’ve ever been on a retreat with Living Miracles, you probably remember how expansive and heart-opening the experience was. When you live with people that share the same purpose and passion, you have more time to share your thoughts, emotions, adventures, and growth together.

Co-living is a modern form of shared housing for like-minded people to live, collaborate, and share their experience together. The biggest value of joining a co-living space is access to the community. Co-living is for people who value a community of shared hearts and minds.

Starting July 1, 2020, we will open our Living Miracles Monastery property to new residents with a shared purpose of living in harmony and reverence using a month-by-month rental of rooms and many shared resources (including fellowship, books, movies, music, and online retreats).

We invite you to experience devotional co-living at the Monastery, and open up to deep connections and a vibrant and purposeful way of being.

The Co-Living program will be closed starting November 1, 2020 for winter.

We were brought together by God to serve the Plan of Awakening, to treat each other with dignity, respect, kindness, and holiness, and to Awaken to our Divine Love.”

David Hoffmeister

Co-living with a Purpose Is the New Way of Living

We are dedicating the Living Miracles Monastery to be used as a co-living space. This is an invitation to live from inspiration, to be with others of a like mind who value the practice of A Course in Miracles and forgiveness, and who wish to deepen in this experience. It is for those who are drawn to the teachings of David Hoffmeister who have a desire to live close by, experience devotion and service, and interact with the Living Miracles community.

Benefits of Co-living at the Living Miracles Monastery

    • Living on a large property with inviting, open areas where residents can relax and connect as a group, as well as private bedrooms where you can unwind away from the crowd
    • Living with people from around the world who are equally passionate about A Course in Miracles and spiritual growth
    • Enjoying a community experience and still maintaining your own way of living; you will be able to focus on your own projects, adventures, and priorities
    • Co-living at the monastery is also a call to care for the grounds and property
    • Free access to Living Miracles’ monthly online retreat
    • Free access to Living Miracles’ weekly Wednesday evening online movie gatherings
    • Full access to a movie and retreat gathering room with large screen TV
    • In-house library that features books by David Hoffmeister and other spiritual authors
    • Opportunities to invite Living Miracles community members to facilitate movie sessions and group discussions
    • Hot tub and full community bath house
    • Breathtaking views of the Strawberry River Canyon
    • Access to a beautiful Chapel as a prayer space
    • Includes a fully equipped commercial type community kitchen and dining space
    • Easy access to all Living Miracles events in Utah and collaborative projects
    • Free access to Living Miracles’ Mystical Mind Training online program if you make a three-month or longer rental commitment

Living Miracles Community

The Living Miracles core community members and ministers are housed at the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center in Kamas, Utah, ninety minutes away from Living Miracles Monastery. Living Miracles is a community devoted to the purpose of awakening with the teachings of A Course in Miracles and David Hoffmeister. Over the years, we have received the invaluable gift of living in a community with a shared purpose. We want to open our hearts to anyone and everyone who seeks to deepen their spiritual practice in a community setting based on Self-responsibility and expanded awareness through intuitive listening and supporting the whole.  

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